Public Regulatory Reporting

As an ISO 14001 certified organization, Orlick has a system in place to monitor federal, provincial and municipal government reporting requirements. The majority of the regulated substances declared in Orlickā€™s operations are contained within the aluminum used to manufacture parts. Most of these substances pass through the manufacturing process with no creation or transformation, minimal loss, and/or are reused and recycled into new raw materials either on site or by a secondary recycler.

As part of Orlick's Environmental commitments, Orlick contributes data to government inventories such as the federal National Pollution Release Inventory (NPRI) and Toxic Reduction Inventory (TRI).

Orlick annually reports to the NPRI. This is a public database available through the Environment Canada NPRI website. To access the reporting inventories for the National Pollutant Release Inventory for Canadian facilities, follow this link:

Starting with the 2010 reporting year, the Ontario Ministry of the Environment added some further public disclosure requirements. The Ontario Toxics Reduction Act (O. Reg. 455/09), requires regulated facilities in Ontario to make annual reports available to the public and to their employees regarding the use of selected regulated substances in the manufacturing process. One requirement of this regulation is to post accounting information for selected substances on the internet. Click here to see the substances for facilities in Ontario.

Effective in 2012, facilities who meet the reporting criteria must explore options for reducing the use or creation of the listed substances and prepare a "Toxics Reduction Plan". A summary of the plan and certification is available to view at the following link, click here.